About company

Our company

The company KARNO is established in 1989. From the very beginning we have been working with customers located in Estonia, Latvia and Russia and we have a considerable experience in the field of industrial, commercial and marine refrigeration, technological equipment and general construction works.

Our work.

Our work based on professional integrity, expert knowledge and experience of professionals, on mutual confidence during communication with the Customer at all stages of work.

Company’s ”KARNO TULUNDUSÜHISTU” policy is to constantly aspire to improve our activities and to apply qualitative, safe and effective work practice, with indispensable compliance with national and international legislation.

Works performance.

We carry out inspection of the factories, working out of concepts of their building or reconstruction, equipment selection, project works, supply of the equipment and materials, and also construction, assembly and installation, starting-up and adjustment works and maintenance.

We cooperate directly with foreign factories-manufacturers of main kinds of warehouse, technological, refrigerating, climatic, heat exchange equipment and other related kinds of the equipment, having thus guarantees of serious competent technical support directly from manufacturers of the equipment and components.

Our representative offices.

SIA «KARNO EXSPERTS», Republic of Latvia

ООО «MONATEHNO», Republic of Belarus

Since 2005 we have started up the company ООО "STROYDEKOR" in Russia (Saint-Petersburg). The company ООО "STROYDEKOR” has all necessary licenses and permissions (SRO) for construction works performance on Russian Federation territory.